Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Three Reasons To Own A Full Length Mirror

Floor Length Mirror
Floor Length Mirror - CLICK HERE

 Three reasons that I love full length mirrors -
  • At least I can look at myself and see the full picture. Not always a good idea I grant you but when getting ready for the day or even more so for an important event, it's a must. How else would I know if the top, skirt, shoes and handbag look right together? 
  • They are so easy to style by propping them up against the wall and if I decide to have a change around in the room, I can move it wherever I like.
  • They can be carefully placed to reflect a beautiful object in the room. A glimpse of a bed, an armoire, chair or even a view from a window can look stunning when viewed through a full length mirror. 

Charleston Free Standing Floor Mirror

Charleston Free Standing Floor Mirror - CLICK HERE


Carla Coulson said...

I think a full length mirror propped against a wall is such a glamorous look, love both of these Ann.
Carla x

Frenchicandshabby said...

Thanks for your comment Carla. There are so many gorgeous full length mirrors to be found. They are certainly a favourite of mine. Ann