Monday, 11 March 2013

Time To Change The Clocks...


I know that it's not yet time to change the clocks for Summer Time but I could be tempted to change my clock anytime for one of these gorgeous French style timepieces from Pomax. The large Cafe Du Parc wall clock (pictured above) is very rustic and would look great in my living room.

This cast iron mirror clock is perfect for indoors but can also be placed outside providing it is positioned under a shelter. Great for reflecting on the time (sorry!)


I like the faded Roman numerals of this large Mantle Clock which are very appealing. At least it can stand up for itself on it's own solid foot, making it easier to display to it to it's full potential.


It's the way that the numbers are displayed on this large Paris wall clock that capture my attention. Again a lovely piece with a rustic and charming look. 

Do you think the bigger the clock, the slower the time goes? Perhaps not!

Pomax Cafe Du Parc Wall Clock - HERE

Pomax Cast Iron Mirror Clock - HERE
Large Mantle Clock - HERE
Pomax Large Paris Wall Clock - HERE

All these clocks and more available from

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